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IPv6 Working Group

Location: -Grand Ballroom

Dates: Tuesday, 5 May, 16:00-18:00

IPv6 Working Group Home Page

A. Administrative Matters

B. Developments/Initiaitives Regarding IPv6 in the RIPE Region and Beyond - Paul Hoogsteder, IPv6 Peering BoF

  • Input from the audience

C. RIPE NCC IPv6 Update - Erik Romijn [PDF - 3MB]

  • Diving a bit more into things outside of the RIPE NCC network itself, but also some of the measurements we have from our services

D. Google IPv6 Update - Lorenzo Colitti

E. Report(s) About Actual v6 Traffic Volume as Compared to v4? What's real out there, not what's on PowerPoint?

F. Global IPv6 Routing Table Status - Gert Doering [PDF - 260KB]

G. Discussion: Deaggration of /32 Prefixes - Input from the audience/input to Address Policy Working Group

H. Overview of ISOC's Current Activity with Regard to IPv6 Deployment - Matthew Ford [PDF - 1.1MB]

I. Proposed EU IPv6 Survey - Maarten Botterman, TNO [PDF - 1.14MB]

Y. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan - Input from the audience

Z. A.O.B.